About me

Hey there! I'm Rogue, the creative force behind Rogue Motion, where video editing and motion graphics aren't just a service - they're an art form. With four years of diving deep into the industry, I've collaborated with a variety of content creators, turning each project into a piece of digital art that stands out and stays remembered.

At Rogue Motion, we are all about elevating your content through dynamic motion graphics and expert editing. My passion is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, ensuring that every piece of video content is not just seen but remembered.

What i'm doing

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    Short Form

    attention-grabbing edits for the fast-paced viewer.

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    Long Form

    Elaborate editing for immersive visual storytelling.

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    Explainer Videos

    Distilling complex ideas into catchy, clear visuals.

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    Drafting the visual flow for seamless storytelling.


  • Sam Crawford

    Sam Crawford

    honestly your work is blowing me away. I love it.

  • Jessica miller

    Jacob Rasmussen

    goddamn! Didn’t even know this was possible through editing. These skills are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. You’re truly a master of your craft. Literally every box is ticked. You’re literally the top 0.001% of editors - and that’s to say the least. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done and crafted. You are the Picasso of editing!

  • Trevor York

    Trevor York

    Holy cow man this is fantastic! You absolutely crushed it.